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How do I sign up for HQ as a Club Facilitator?



  • mmignano

    I received two different club codes for the same club at the same library. Which should I use?

  • Jessica Liu

    Hi @mmignano! Great question. Please email, and they will be able to assist you on this. 

  • Yuyu Chen

    Hi, I am still trying to register as a facilitator for my school.  Can you please help?  MA32744


  • Sylvie Andrews

    I feel like this happens every year: I clicked the "Apply" link at and filled out the form there indicating that I've been invited to be a facilitator and have my club code. Upon submission of that form, I received an email stating that I'd been approved to be a facilitator, with instructions saying that I should "enroll on Girls Who Code HQ".

    The link in those instructions takes me back to the Girls Who Code HQ page and my only options are to "Join New" or "Apply" (I've already Applied!). There's no link saying "Enroll". If I start the Join New process, there's text along the way indicating that this isn't the proper workflow for Facilitators.

    What am I supposed to do next? My new club code for this year is still not showing up in my "Program Activity" area when I'm logged in, and I cannot access the facilitator/member content.

    P.S. my club is already active and operating this year; another faculty member with the Decision Maker role is running things and sees the club in his Program Activity area, with girls already enrolled. So why don't I see it?


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